about Tedesco Trade Co.

Tedescotrade.com is an authorized independent retail store specializing in an selective assortment of high quality products from reputable manufacturers.

We don't believe we demand too much from a product that we offer or a manufacturer that we represent in our store. All we ask for is that the product is made from high quality material utilizing traditional craftsmanship, is beautifully designed and serves a functional purpose.

Basically we want them to be used, abused and enjoyed by generations to come. Beauty and functionality is timeless so it has to be build to last.

Since we scrutinize every aspect of a product as well as the way it is constructed, it is self-evident that the product knowledge of our entire team is second to none when it comes to the use and maintenance of our entire line of products. Our team members are not only glad to assist you with any product questions you might have, but are also able to provide you with valuable tips and tricks.

And isn't it refreshing to finally talk to someone that actually understands how exactly a product works?

Tedescotrade.com is owned and operated by Amiganien, LLC, a trusted and authorized retailer of high quality products. As a licensed company registered in the State of North Carolina our entire team at Amiganien is dedicated to provide our customers with outstanding value, fast and safe delivery and unmatched customer service.

If you have questions about products featured in our shop, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at either (704) 545-2287 or by e-mail using our contact form