Price Match Request

If you happen to find a lower price online prior to your purchase but prefer to place your order with us, we are more than happy to match this price if it meets the qualifications listed below.

Qualifications for our “Price Match”:

1.) The product must be new, the exact same make, model, color including all applicable bonus items.
Applies to your "total out of pocket" cost meaning total price of purchase including shipping, taxes and other charges that may apply.
3.) The retailer offering the lower price must have the product currently in stock.
4.) The retailer offering the lower price must be an authorized retailer.
5.) The retailer offering the lower price must be based within the United States.
6.) The retailers lower price offer and/or any applicable coupons must be available online (not valid for in-store purchases).
7.) Request must be made prior to your purchase.
8.) Does not apply to auction sites (such as ebay), third party seller sites ( such as amazon) or membership-only sites or stores.
9.) Seller must have an established online store as determined by us.
10.) We reserve the right to reject the low price request at any time without any specific reason.
11.) The retailers lower price offer must be applicable online so we are able to verify the lower price offer
12.) Subject to change without prior notice .


Please use our contact form to submit a price match request