Red Deer Leather Shopper Bag

3.39" x 11.81" x 3.94"
Red Deer Leather


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Red Deer Leather Shopper Bag

Sometimes the Handbag is just a little too small, the Rucksack or Travel bag would be overkill and a larger reusable shopping bag really does not do it. Made from the very rare and precious German Red Deer Leather, our new fine Shopper Bag is simply the perfect size (13.39" x 11.81" x 3.94" and just under 1.5lbs) for everyday use as well as for light travels.

If you ever experienced the extremely soft, smooth and velvety feeling of Red Deer leather it suddenly becomes difficult to accept anything less. Nothing is really comparable especially since the leather used for our beautiful and functional Shopper Bag is from the wild German red deer. Red deer leather tanned by an "Altsaemisch" process is considered one of the finest leather available. The leather for our Shopper Bag is tanned by one of the last remaining "Altsaemisch" (Old-Chamois) Tannery in Germany. This process is the most natural but also most labor intensive tanning process involving approximately 300 individual manual steps and taking up to 10 months to complete. This natural tanning process makes the leather extremely durable and less susceptible to decomposition while still leaving the red deer skin incredibly light and the individual structure of the leather intact.

Those special characteristics ensure that the leather remains an authentic piece of nature.

Having the finest leather available is crucial but still only half of the process. The finest leather should never be treated or processed in an automated and mechanized manufacturing process and demands an uncompromising dedication to detail, design and old-world craftsmanship. Fortunately the manufacturer of our leather Shopper Bag is among the few that share this believe, designing and manufacturing the finest leather products by hand in the beautiful city of Lueneburg, Germany for over 30 years. The dedication to produce the finest results is obvious in every single seam and detail of the finished product and the character of the design pays respect to the animal and natural quality of the material.

The result is a stylish and functional Shopper Bag made from the best materials available. 

The inside of the Shopper Bag is beautifully finished with a brighter Leather lining and features one partition, a convenient zipper compartments as well as a key holder. The Shopper Bag has 2 comfortable shoulder straps and a zipper. 

The lightweight of the fine red deer leather makes this beautiful Shopper Bag only 1.45 lbs. and the dimensions of 13.39" x 11.81" x 3.94" makes it a perfect size for everyday use as well as light travels.

Hand-Made in Germany


- finest red-deer leather from Germany
- tanned using over 300 manual steps for up to 10 months
- very soft and velvety feel
- very light weight and extremely durable
- natural characteristics of the leather remain intact
- contemporary design
- brighter leather interior lining
- one partition inside
- 1 zipper-safety compartment inside
- 2  comfortable shoulder straps
- weight: 1.45lbs
- dimensions: 3.39" x 11.81" x 3.94"
- perfect for everyday use and light travels
- hand-made in Germany