Rondo Collar with Hand Loop

29.25" x 2.125"
Fits Neck Sizes 20.75" to 23.75"
Black / Cognac
Super Soft Cow Leather

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Rondo Collar with Hand Loop

Perfect control for your strong dog.
If dogs get very excited they also get very strong making them sometimes difficult to control and hold. If you ever had to try to hold an overly exited strongly pulling dog with the leash you know exactly what we mean. 
Our extra wide soft padded collar with hand-loop will give you perfect control and will protect your dog at the same time. The incorporated hand-loop allows a much firmer grip while the extra wide 2.12" collar distributes the pulling weight more evenly protecting your dog’s neck from possible injuries. 
The collar is made entirely in Germany using high quality extra soft cow leather while an additional soft cowhide liner is incorporated for added protection and comfort. The high quality cow leather chosen for this collar has a high fat content improving the elasticity of the leather, making it easier to maintain and also resistant to moisture.
The high quality collar is stitched and finished with durable chrome fittings ensuring the longevity of the product. 
This product is made entirely in Germany.


- Ideal to better control strong dogs
- Incorporated hand-loop
- Fits Neck Sizes 20.75" to 23.75"
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle): 29.25"
- Width 2.125" 
- Super soft cow leather
- Additional soft cowhide liner for added protection and comfort
- High leather fat content improves elasticity and moisture resistance
- Stitched with chrome fittings
- Made in Germany