Nordic 3 way Adjustable Deer Leather Leash

79.00" x 0.75"
Deer Leather

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Nordic 3 way Adjustable Deer Leather Leash

Hand-made in Germany using high quality super soft deer leather, this 3-way adjustable leash features one of the smoothes and softest leather types available and is made to last.

The leather pieces for this leash are hand-selected, larger and have less imperfections than comparable pieces. This makes the leash pleasingly soft and smooth to the touch providing a very comfortable hold as well as control. 

The dog leash consist of 2 layers of soft deer leather. Both leather layers are double folded to a soft round edge, hand-stitched with decorative color-matching stitching and fitted with very durable chrome-plate fittings. The perfect combination of quality, durability and natural elegance. 

The leather leash comes in a beautiful cognac collar and features an additional strong nylon layer to increase tear-resistance.

Our Nordic Deer Leather Dog Leash is 100% hand-made in Germany and covered by a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.


- 3-way adjustable between 40” and 79”
- Genuine super soft deer leather
- Color: Cognac
- Length: 79"
- Width: 0.75”
- Double Folded
- Extra strong interior nylon layer
- Hand-stitched with decorative color-matching stitching
- Chrome-plated fittings
- 5 year limited manufacture warranty
- Hand-made in Germany