Ultra 3 way Adjustable Buffalo Leather Leash

79.00" x 0.625"
Buffalo Leather



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Ultra 3 way Adjustable Buffalo Leather Leash

This beautiful fully adjustable leash is made to last using only high quality genuine buffalo leather and durable chrome-plated fittings. The leash features an additional super soft leather liner and is very comfortable to hold. 

Buffalo leather is usually thick and durable since it is not stretched during the tanning process. Therefore, collars made from Buffalo Leather are unlikely to stretch out of shape or tear even with longterm use and wear.  The additional interior nylon layer makes this buffalo leather leash super strong and tear-resistant.

As all of our adjustable leashes, our Buffalo leather leash enables you to change the leash length depending on how much control you need for your dog. The Buffalo leather leash allows 3 different leash lengths between 40 and 79 inches.

The entire leash is treated with scotchgard making it water repellent and very easy to clean.

Made in Germany.


- 3-way adjustable between 40” and 79”
- Genuine buffalo leather
- Additional super soft buffalo leather liner
- Leash Length: 79”
- Leash Width: 0.625”
- Color: Black/Beige
- Double folded
- Stitched
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- Extra strong interior nylon layer for added tear-resistance
- Water repellent with Scotchgard protection
- Made in Germany