Fissler 4.2qt. VITAQUICK Pressure Pan Set

4.2qt. (4.0ltr)
Stainless Steel
18/10 Stainless Steel

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Fissler 4.2qt. VITAQUICK Pressure Pan Set

If there is one set that should be in every kitchen - it's the 18/10 stainless steel Vitaquick pressure pan set.


Our new 18/10 Vitaquick Pressure Pan set from Fissler combines all of the features that make Fissler cookware so superior: The Novogrill frying surface for healthy oil-less grilling, the energy-saving CookStar all-stove base and the unique and beneficial features of the Blue Point pressure cooker system.

Perfect for healthy and time-saving cooking, the set includes:

- large 10.2" (26cm) skillet with a capacity of 4.2qt. (4.0ltr)
- pressure lid
- additional glass lid
- steamer basket

Equipped with the patented "Novogrill Frying Surface":

The pressure pan can be used as the ultimate frying pan with the patented Novogrill bottom. The Novogrill bottom is a unique honeycomb texture perfect for low-oil grilling, searing and frying. Novogrill provides the perfect healthy indoor grill.

UL-listed with multiple safety mechanisms for safe and efficient pressure cooking:

The UL-listed Vitaquick pressure cookers combine upgraded features, perfect technology and attractive modern design with their patented safety valves and large indicator rods. They are safe, simple to use, and especially easy to clean. This series is perfect for easily preparing foods of all kinds in a healthy, gentle, and nutritious manner. Unlike the pressure cookers of the past, each Vitaquick pressure cooker is silent and features multiple safety mechanisms including an automatic pressure valve, so you can relax while the cooker prepares perfect meals for you in no time.

Large Indicator rod with upgraded, removable auto-locking handle with visual indicator:

The large blue indicator rod has two convenient settings for either gentle or speed cooking and is easy to read even from the distance. Our new Vitaquick is equipped with an upgraded auto-locking handle with visual indicator. The handle of the Vitaquick pressure cooker will indicated that the cooker is closed correctly and securely locked with an audible click and a special color display in the handle which switches from red to green. Only then will the Vitaquick allow the pressure to be build.

Innovative new features that make pressure cooking quick and easy:

Thanks to the new Min/Max measuring scale inside the pressure cooker, measuring can now be done directly in the pot. The new auto-locking handle is completely removable from the lid for easy and quick cleaning. All Vitaquick pressure cookers are fully dishwasher safe and, thanks to the new ingenious conical design, stackable for scratch-free space saving storage.

Energy-saving "All-Stove" CookStar base for optimal heat distribution:

The CookStar all-stove base, which is comprised of a pure aluminum core and high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, ensures that the base that will never separate or warp. The energy-saving base also provides quick optimal heat distribution, diffusion, and storage without any hot spots.

Silent with no-steam & no-smell pressure cooking:

No sound, no steam and no smell - Vitaquick pressure cookers are very unique in that they are completely silent. No rattling or hissing while cooking. All cooking odors stay inside the pressure cooker since no steam escapes during the cooking process.

Our Vitaquick pressure cooker can also be used on induction stoves.

Limited lifetime warranty.


- Pressure Pan Capacity: 4.2qt. (4.0ltr.)

- Pressure Pan Diameter: 10.2" (26cm)

- Glass lid

- Steamer basket

- Novogrill frying surface for oil-less grilling

- Auto-locking, removable handle with visual indicator

- Material: heavy gauge, hygienic 18/10 stainless steel

- Euromatic, maintenance free pressure valve

- Residual Pressure Block

- Automatic Steam Release

- Interlocking Lid

- Fully encapsulated CookStar All-Stove Base (pure aluminum core and high-quality 18/10 stainless steel)

- Base will never separate or warp

- Energy-saving base provides quick optimal heat distribution,diffusion, and storage without any hot spots

- Equipped with a practical measuring scale inside the pan

- Large blue indicator rod with two settings

- safe for use on induction stoves

- Limited lifetime warranty

- UL-Listed

- Made in Germany





- 4.2qt. (4.0ltr.) Pressure Pan with Novogrill Frying Surface
- 10.2" (26cm) Pressure Lid Complete with Valve System, Handle System and Gasket
- 10.2" (26cm) Fissler Quality Glass Lid
- Steamer basket
- instruction manual