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Fissler Cast Iron Arcana Round Roaster in Black

Fissler ARCANA - Cast Iron Round Roaster, Black

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4.7qt / 8.8qt /
Cast Iron
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Fissler ARCANA - Cast Iron Round Roaster, Black

The Fissler ARCANA range of products are produced in the northern part of France - a region known as a center of excellence for the manufacture of cast iron cookware utilizing traditional craftsmanship and superior quality material.

Most of the manufacturing of Fissler Arcana Cast Iron cookware is still done by hand and each individual product is inspected several times before released for sale.

Cast Iron possesses outstanding heat properties. It distributes and stores the absorbed heat evenly and releases it to the food from all sides. This enables the food to cook perfectly.

The Fissler Arcana Cast Iron Round Roaster is available in 2 sizes:

- 4.7qt (4.5.ltr.) / 10.7" (27cm)
- 8.8qt (8.4ltr.) / 13" (33cm)

All Fissler Arcana Roaster are made exclusively in France. Using exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality premium material ensures that roasts, stews and the like will turn out with the most intense flavor possible.

The value of cooking with Fissler Arcana Cast Iron Roasters are very well know and acknowledged by professional chefs and connoisseurs around the world:

Enameling the inner surface of the Arcana Cast Iron Roaster encourages the formation of patina, which provides the characteristics and traditional flavor. Its excellent heat distribution and storage properties makes this cast iron cookware especially energy-efficient. At the same time, the food is heated evenly from all sides ensuring an all-around perfect roast.

Located on the inside of the lid - the cast iron "flavor nubs" help the liquid to circulate in the closed pot so that the roast will turn out especially tender and juicy.

Enameling the outer surface of the Fissler Arcana Cast Iron Roaster seals the pores of the cast iron, thus protecting it from penetration by soil, odors and moisture - resulting in exceptional hygiene and durability.

The smooth material is also scratch-resistant and extremely easy to clean.

The ergonomically formed stainless steel lid handle does not only ensure a perfect grip but is also heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius), making the Fissler Arcana Roasters absolutely perfect for the use in the oven.

All of Fissler's Cast Iron Arcana products are also suitable for all types of stoves such as gas, electric, glass, ceramic and even induction stoves.

Made mostly by hand in northern France.

Our Arcana products are covered by an extensive 10 Year Warranty.


Available Sizes & Capacities:

- 4.7qt (4.5.ltr.) / 10.7" (27cm)
- 8.8qt (8.4ltr.) / 13" (33cm)

- Material: Superior quality premium cast iron
- Outstanding heat properties - perfectly even heat distribution and storage
- Inside enamel encourages the formation of patina providing traditional flavor
- Even heating from all sides ensuring an all-around perfect roast
- "Flavor Nubs" help the liquid to circulate in the closed pot for tender & juicy roast
- Outer enamel seals the pores of the cast iron - protecting from outside penetration
- Scratch-resistant and easy to clean
- Fully oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius)
- Suitable for all stoves types = gas, electric, glass, ceramic and induction
- Made mostly by hand in northern France