Greyhound Cow Leather Collar

18.125" x 2.00"
Fits Neck Sizes 12.625" to 15.00"
Black / Cognac
Cow Leather

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Greyhound Cow Leather Collar

Compared to other dog breeds, the head of the Greyhound is more narrow relative to its neck and body size. As this slim build makes perfect sense for this very gentle, intelligent and powerful breed, it also creates the challenge that some regular collars might slip of the greyhounds neck too easily. 

The form of our very unique greyhound collar is designed to prevent just this. The collar has a narrow width of between 0.75” and 0.875” in the buckle area and widens to about 2” in the widest part of the collar preventing the head to slip out of the collar too easily.

In addition, the collar features an extra soft foam cushioning pad that, on the widest part of the collar, is incorporated into the inside of the leather providing extra protection for your greyhounds neck. 

The dog collar is made using 2 layers of soft cow leather. The high quality cow leather chosen for this collar has a high fat content providing a very hight wearing comfort,  improving the elasticity of the leather, making it easier to maintain and also resistant to moisture. 

The durable chrome plated fittings are stitched and riveted to the collar for ultimate tearing resistance.

5 years limited manufacturer warranty.

Our Greyhound Leather Collar is 100% made in Germany.


- 2 layers of genuine high quality soft Cow leather
- Fits neck size: 12.625” to 15.00”
- Color: black / cognac
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle) : 18.125”
- Collar width:2.00”
- Unique design prevents head from slipping out of the collar
- Additional cushioning pad incorporated into the collar
- High fat content improves elasticity and moisture resistance
- Stitched and riveted for durability
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- 5 years limited manufacturer warranty
- Made in Germany