Giannini Chicca-Wood Stovetop Espresso Maker

3-cup / 6-cup /
Food Grade Cast Aluminum
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Giannini Chicca-Wood Stovetop Espresso Maker

A perfect elliptic shape undisturbed by the hidden safety valve.

Designed by world renowned designer Giovanni Santi Sircana, this beautiful stovetop espresso maker is made of highly polished food-grate cast aluminum.

Chicca is made by using a technique that allows creating an exciting undisturbed elliptic shape. The special design of this stovetop espresso maker has the safety valve protected and hidden inside the maker's body.

The ergonomic handle is made from "wood-look" bakelite, ensures perfect grip and compliments the design of the non-drip spout.

Thanks to an intelligent coffee basket system inside the maker, Chicca can even be used for the preparation of either 1 or 3-cups (for the 3-cup version) or 3 or 6-cups (for the 6-cup version) of delicious espresso without compromising taste or flavor.

Made in Italy


- High quality polished food grate cast aluminum
- Exciting elliptic shape
- Heat resistant "wood-look" bakelite handle
- Non-drip spout
- Available as 3- & 6-cup model
- Intelligent coffee basket system (reducer)
- Safety valve is protected and hidden inside the body
- Designed by Giovanni Santi Sircana, Italy
- Made in Italy