Eye Cow Leather Collar

20.875" x 2.125"
Fits Neck Sizes 14.125" to 16.125"
Cow Leather

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Eye Cow Leather Collar

Wider collars tent to distribute the force more equally and don’t put too much stress on your dog’s neck. So with about 2.125” our Eye Cow Leather Collar not only makes a great appearance but also serves a very functional purpose.

The dog collar is made using 2 layers of super soft cow leather while the inner layer that actually gets in contact with your dogs neck is double folded, slightly wider and with round edges. Those round edges are also gentle to your dogs fur.  

The collar is generously decorated with beautiful rivets and features an blue “eye-stone” motif. A number of small round rivets are placed forming a large eye with the blue “eye-stone” situated in the center.

The high quality cow leather chosen for this collar has a high fat content providing a very hight wearing comfort,  improving the elasticity of the leather, making it easier to maintain and also resistant to moisture. The durable chrome plated fittings are stitched and riveted to the collar for ultimate tearing resistance.

Our Eye Cow Leather Dog Collar is 100% made in Germany.


- 2 layers of genuine high quality soft Cow leather
- Fits neck size: 14.125" to 16.125"
- Color: black
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle) : 20.875"
- Collar width:2.125”
- “eye-stone” motif
- Double folded inner leather layer with rounded edges
- Extra wide with high wearing comfort
- High fat content improves elasticity and moisture resistance
- Stitched and riveted for durability
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- Made in Germany