Buffalo Round Collar

16.50" x 0.375"
Fits Neck Sizes 12.25" to 13.375"
Buffalo Brown



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Buffalo Round Collar

Our “Buffalo Round Collar” features a rather unique shape and design for a genuine leather collar. 

The leather is stitched in a round shape utilizing color-matching decorative stitching while the inside features an additional cord-layer making this dog collar exceptionally tear-resistant.  The rounded part of the collar  conforms to the dogs neck and is secured by two additional wider double-layered leather pieces for the holes and buckle. 

Thanks to the special scotchgard treatment, the buffalo leather is water resistant and water repellent making the collar very easy to clean.

Buffalo Leather is naturally soft but thick and durable since it is not stretched during the tanning process. Therefore, collars made from Buffalo Leather are unlikely to stretch out of shape or tear even with longterm use and wear. The porousness of the leather also allows it to conform to your dogs neck over time improving the wearing comfort.

Our Buffalo Round Collar  is 100% made in Germany.


- Genuine high quality soft Buffalo leather
- Fits neck size: 12.25” to 13.375”
- Color: Brown
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle) : 16.50”
- Collar width:0.375”
- Extremely durable cord-layer inside
- High tear-resistance
- Round shape around the neck
- 2-layered leather pieces for buckles and holes
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- Color-matching decorative stitching
- Water repellent with Scotchgard protection
- Made in Germany