Vintage Strass Nappa Leather Collar

16.25" x 1.00"
Fits Neck Sizes 10.50" to 12.875"
Dark Pink / Black
Nappa Leather

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Vintage Strass Nappa Leather Collar

Hand-crafted in Germany, our beautiful “Vintage Strass” dog collar features a stylish color combination and brilliant rhinestones.

This beautiful dog collar is made using 2 layers of soft nappa leather. The outside layer is decorated with 108 brilliant rhinestones. 3 rows of rhinestones with 54 stones on each side separated by the convenient chrome-plated collar ring. The inside of the collar is padded by an additional soft layer of nappa leather. This inner layer comes in a classy black creating a very elegant contrast to the dark pink on the outside. 

Both leather layers are double folded creating a soft round edge protecting your dogs neck and fur while embedded inside the leather the collar incorporates an extra strong tear-resistant nylon layer. The entire dog collar is finished with color-matching decorative stitching and fitted with a durable chrome-plated buckle. 

Our Nappa leather collars are made from hand-selected topmost layers of high quality calfskin. This immaculate material is precious, very soft to the touch as well as water-vapor permeable providing an excellent heat exchange.

Our Vintage Strass Dog Collar is 100% made in Germany and features a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.


- 2 layers of genuine high quality soft nappa leather
- Fits neck size: 10.50” to 12.875”
- Color: Dark Pink / Black
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle) : 16.25”
- Collar width:1.00”
- 108 Rhinestones
- Double folded with soft round edges
- High wearing comfort
- Excellent heat-exchange characteristics of the calfskin
- Color-matching decorative stitching
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- Extra strong interior nylon layer
- 5 year limited manufacture warranty
- Made in Germany