Vintage Nappa Leather Collar with Studs

28.50" x 2.00"
Fits Neck Sizes 19.875" to 22.25"
Nappa Leather

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Vintage Nappa Leather Collar with Studs

Our extra strong Vintage Leather dog collar is made from super soft hand-selected Nappa Leather.

Our Nappa leather collars are made from hand-selected topmost layers of high quality calfskin. This immaculate material is precious, very soft to the touch as well as water-vapor permeable providing an excellent heat exchange.

The dog collar is made using 2 layers of Nappa leather while both layers are double folded with round edges protecting your dogs neck and fur. Wider collars tent to distribute the force more equally and don’t put too much stress on your dog’s neck. So with about 2 inches our Vintage Nappa Leather Collar not only makes a great appearance but also serves a very functional purpose.

The collar is generously decorated with beautiful ornamental studs and stitched using color-matching decorative stitching throughout. Embedded inside the 2 layers of Nappa Leather is an additional strong nylon layer making this collar extra tear-resistant. To enhance durability, the buckle is secured by 4 large rivets that also hold the wide collar ring. All fittings are chrome-plated.

Our Vintage Nappa Leather Dog Collar is 100% made in Germany and features a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.


- 2 layers of hand-selected high quality soft Nappa leather
- Fits neck size: 19.875” to 22.25”
- Color: Black
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle) : 28.50”
- Collar width:2.00”
- Double folded with rounded edges
- Decorative ornamental studs
- Extra wide with high wearing comfort
- Excellent heat-exchange characteristics of the calfskin
- Double rivets for enhanced durability
- Extra strong interior nylon layer
- Color-matching decorative stitching
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- 5 year limited manufacture warranty
- Made in Germany