Rondo 3-way Adjustable Cow Leather Leash

79.00" x 0.75"
Cow Leather

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Rondo 3-way Adjustable Cow Leather Leash

Our 3-way adjustable Rondo Cow Leather Leash is made from genuine super soft cow leather and secures the snap-hook with braiding rather then rivets or stitches.

The fact that the snap-hook is braided onto the leash is not only visually very appealing, it also has a very functional effect: the braided section of the leash has some sort of shock-absorbing effect in case of a sudden pull. 

As all of our adjustable leashes, our Rondo cow leather leash enables you to change the leash length depending on how much control you need for your dog. 2 additional chrome-plated extension rings are securely riveted to the leash making it adjustable between 40” and 79”.

The high quality cow leather chosen for this leash has a high fat content improving the elasticity of the leather, making it easier to maintain and also resistant to moisture. The leash features very durable chrome-plated fittings and features a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Made in Germany.


- 3-way adjustable between 40” and 79”
- Robust high quality cow leather
- Length: 79.00"
- Width: 0.75"
- Color: black
- Chrome-plated fittings
- Hight leather fat content improves elasticity and moisture resistance
- 5 year limited manufacture warranty
- Made in Germany