Buffalo Kroko Fixed Length Buffalo Leather Leash

43.00" x 0.50"
Buffalo Leather

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Buffalo Kroko Fixed Length Buffalo Leather Leash

Our exclusive and very elegant “Buffalo Kroko” 43 inch fixed length dog leash is hand-crafted in Germany by embossing high quality genuine buffalo leather to a illustrious crocodile-leather look.

This beautiful dog leash is made using 2 layers of genuine buffalo leather. The outside layer features the embossed crocodile-leather look while the inside of the leash is padded by an additional soft layer of buffalo leather. 

The entire leash is stitched using decorative color-matching stitching and finished with very durable chrome-plated fittings.

The inner soft buffalo hide liner is double folded with rounded edges providing a very comfortable hold of the leash. The connection between the hand-loop and the leash is made using an extra strong chrome-plated ring adding flexibility and control to the dog leash.

Buffalo leather is usually thick and durable since it is not stretched during the tanning process. Therefore, leashes made from Buffalo Leather are unlikely to stretch out of shape or tear even with longterm use and wear. 

Our Buffalo Kroko Leather Leash is 100% made in Germany and features a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.


- Fixed length
- Genuine buffalo leather
- Additional soft buffalo hide inside liner
- Length: 43.00"
- Width: 0.50”
- Color: black
- Hand-stitched with decorative white stitching
- Chrome-plated fittings
- Chrome-lated ring connector between hand-loop and leash
- Hight leather fat content improves elasticity and moisture resistance
- 5 year limited manufacture warranty
- Made in Germany