Nordic Gaucho Deer Leather Leash

43.00" x 0.375"
Deer Leather

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Nordic Gaucho Deer Leather Leash

The genuine deer leather used for our Nordic Gaucho Deer 43 inch fixed length Leather leash is one of the smoothes and softest leather types available.  

The leather pieces for this leash are hand-selected, larger and have less imperfections than comparable pieces. This makes the leash pleasingly soft and smooth to the touch providing a very comfortable hold as well as control. The deer leather of this Gaucho dog leash features a naturally antique-finish look making this dog leash also visually unique. 

The dog leash consist of 2 layers of soft deer leather. Both leather layers are double folded to a soft round edge, hand-stitched and fitted with very durable chrome-plate fittings. The perfect combination of quality, durability and natural elegance. The inside of the leash also features an additional strong nylon layer increasing tear-resistance.

The entire dog leash is hand-stitched using decorative color-matching stitching.

Our Nordic Gaucho Deer Leather Dog Leash is 100% hand-made in Germany and covered by a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.


- Fixed length
- 2 layers of genuine super soft deer leather
- Color: brown
- Length: 43”
- Width: 0.375”
- Double Folded
- Extra strong interior nylon layer
- Hand-stitched with decorative color-matching stitching
- Chrome-plated fittings
- 5 year limited manufacture warranty
- Hand-made in Germany